Why should I choose Staffmed?

Staffmed Solutions Inc. is a growing business. Working close to retirement and long term care facilities our Agency is opening doors by serving new Clients and bringing new opportunities to our people. Staffmed has developed business techniques and strategies to react on last minute emergencies promptly and help to facility to cover staffing shortages. We treat out people with respect and dignity, provide with competitive rates, ongoing bonuses, transportation expenses pay and much more. We form together a good team of Health Care Professionals.

Who are Staffmed's Clients?

Staffmed' s Clients are long term care and retirement homes. We supply them with our Registered and Personal Care Staff.

What is the hiring process?

Application following by formal interview and introduction meeting, collecting information and opening employee file, taking employee availability and submitting info for payroll.

What are the hourly rates?

Hourly rates vary depending on experience, abilities, performance, etc. Wages and salaries are confidential and discussed in individual manner.

Do I have to fill out online application, or can I just send my resume?

You can send resume or fill online application.

Can I get full time job with Staffmed?

We would be glad to hire you as a full time employee, but we have only part time/casual assignments.

How do I get started?

Email or fax. your resume. You can also apply online. www.staffmed.ca . We respond promptly on your application by sending application forms. Application and contract for services are also available online (Our staff)

Do I get bonuses/travel expenses paid?

There are performance bonuses available to Staffmed employess depending on circumstance. Transportation expenses will be reimbursed by Staffmed if Client is covering transportation costs.

What are the minimum requirements to start working for Staffmed?

Registration with College of Nurses of Ontario, diploma from recognized college, clean police record, CPR certificate, 2 references from school or work place.

Am I allowed to work for the other Health Care Facilities?

You're certainly allowed to work for other employers as long as the employer is not Staffmed' s present Client.

What about private cases?

We have also private Clients. They are mostly in the facilities and 1:1 services provided directly to individuals. Our personal care attendants/sitters will assist your family member with all he/she needs (ADL, personal care and emotional support).

What about confidentiality?

All information provided is held by Staffmed in strictest of confidence. After you resign the hard copy of your file is kept for 6 months and then destroyed. Electronic records are kept for the period of two years after your resignation.