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Staffmed prides itself with being accessible to its clients and its employees. Our most important channel for communicating is our website and this is why we strive to make it as comprehensible and user-friendly as possible. Today we have launched the new version of in order to update the information and bring together all the online tools that Staffmed offers. The updated website is a must-see portal whether you are a client booking staff, an employee seeking training information or you are looking to join our team.


eStaffmed is live!

Staffmed is committed to helping its clients achieve their objectives. This is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our online booking tool called eStaffing. This tool offers our clients the convenience and flexibility of requesting temporary staff with the click of a button. Moreover, we are offering this service at no additional charge to our clients. By using cutting edge technology and leveraging the power of the internet and mobile devices, we are able to fulfill your requests faster and more efficiently than ever. Register today for a free account and see how eStaffing can help you reach the staff you want and cut costs at the same time.


Increased focus on residential care

Our company has increased its focus on residential care in order to respond to market changes and customer feedback. Our employees have been re-orienting and have received additional training on home care duties and providing care to individuals. We work closely with families, case managers and nursing staff to make sure that their loved ones are receiving the level of care they require. We have the flexibility to adjust timing and duration of care based on individual requests.